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Elvis 'My Boy' by Geoffrey Mc Donnell (Australia)

Thomas Parker is famous for his quote when considering business offers as saying "That's all right for me, but what about My Boy". This is one of the ways he got top Dollar on some deals or rebuffed others he didn't like. In Kathy Westmoreland's interesting book she includes pictures Elvis gave to her titled "The Boy", "The Man"-pictures of Elvis in the mid-fifties and mid 60's respectively. I believe Elvis started to 'grow up' with the on the road work and going to Hollywood in 1956 onwards and especially during the Army years. These really helped discipline him and helped him meet new friends outside of Memphis. It also took away a lot of the raw rebel out of him and polished his career for longevity across all age groups. It was whilst in Paris, France on vacation that Elvis thoroughly enjoyed his vacation visiting French nightclubs for life & music. When he came back to Graceland in 1960 Elvis even recorded 'Mona Lisa' at home.

Elvis seemed to mature a lot in his musical recordings - especially more than ever by 1966. When he now worked with Felton Jarvis and musicians like David Briggs there seems to be a marked quality and seriousness to his to his music different from the 'boyish' mediocre movie songs from half the 60's.Elvis further stamped his authority and faced up to the 'comeback special' like a true Man, Elvis now having established himself 'back in Vegas' as the 'Tiger Man' and sang not only some of his best ballads between 1970 and 1973 but also some of his best emotional love songs which also just happened to be composed by the Best French Songwriters!. In 1970 'Let it be Me'(J'Appartiens) by Curtis, Delanoe and Gilbert Becaud. French Canada too, in 1971 'Until it's time For You to go' by Sainte-Marie. In 1972 Elvis sang 3 French originally composed songs. In March 72' at the 31.3.72 rehearsals for the April 72' tour Elvis sang 'Nearer my God to Thee' by Louvin and Louvin, then throughout the August 1972 engagement in Las Vegas Elvis sang 'What Now My Love' by the very talented Mr. Gilbert Beucard and Pierre Delanoe/Carl Sigman. My Way was originally by Jacques Ravaux, Claude Francois and Gilbert Thibout with the English words especially written by Otttowa, Ontario born Canadian Paul Anka especially for Frank Sinatra.Paul Anka also had 'hits' with French songs such as the 'Les Filles De Paris' which he wrote. Paul met Elvis many times, notably in Lake Tahoe when during the 1.8.71 M/S Elvis introduced Paul Anka to the audience at the end of the introductions, then again at the Las Vegas opening show on 4.8.72 (when Elvis first performed this song 'live'.) Later of course Elvis would do a studio version of 'My Way' in Nashville at the recording session on 9.6.71. At the Las Vegas 24.8.74 D/S Elvis jokingly introduced himself as Paul Anka ! Why on December 16th 1970 it was reported by the E.P.F.C. from England that Elvis would perform 2 concerts in Paris on 27.5.72! concerts were promoted by the Charles Aznovour society and would be held in the open air stadium De-Colombes. Last and certainly NOT least was 'My Boy' by Yves Levot and the music by Jean Bourtayre / Claude Francois. It was published by Esieggle music in Paris, France and Mews music ltd. in 1970. In 1971 this French song of memorable Quality was written for Richard Harris by Excellent Derry songwriter Phil Coulter and Bill Martin. My Boy was sung 'live' by Elvis during his Summer 1973 Las Vegas season before he ever studio recorded it. For Elvis My Boy was eventually released on the March 1974 Album 'Good Times' and the single was a #5 hit in December 1974 in the UK.,then in the States it became a #20 hit when released their in January 1975.The public were quick to pick up on the Quality of this release from Elvis and gave Elvis his biggest success for a couple of years with this 'massive' Xmas 'hit'.

Obviously for Elvis for a long while 'When Irish eyes are Smiling' he could deliver the goods whether it be 'Danny Boy', 'I'll take you home again Kathleen', or 'My Boy'.'Las Vegas in the hills of Donegal' was the case after Brilliant songwriter/producer/performer(piano),arranger Phil Coulter wrote the lyrics firstly for Richard Harris in 1971.The partnership of Phil Coulter/Bill Martin developed after Phil had had many previous Success's with Sandie Shaw's 'Puppet on a String' and nearly Cliff Richards 'Congratulations' the following year in 1968.After work with Dana and the Dubliners until their late 70's split during that decade similar to the American team of Foster/Rice, Coulter/Martin achieved Many notable 70's 'hits'. with the Bay City Rollers, Billy Connolly-(D.I.V.O.R.C.E.), Kenny and Silk. It's the great combination of the French/Irish blend that produced such a great success with 'My Boy' for Phil Coulter .Ironically after this Phil suffered personal tragedy with the loss of his own son aged 3 with downs syndrome and wrote the moving song 'Scorn not his Simplicity' in remembrance of his son.

Coulters sister later died tragically in a drowning incident in Ireland, however despite this lately Phil has specialised in Orchestral recordings as well as folk and Tin Pan Alley pop.Phils 1989 CD 53008 is on the American Independent label Shanachie (the same as an Otis Blackwell Album) and is very well recommended as 25 years of Excellent words & music. Phil sings some songs that Elvis did such as 'Nearer my God to Thee' and 'The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face'. Also 'Amazing Grace' and 'Ave Maria'., but if you only listen to one self written song by Phil make sure its 'The Town I Love So Well'.6 minutes of heart rendering Ballad written in 1973 with a great story- it's the song Phil would like to be remembered for (I'm remembering 'My Boy' as well!).Don't be surprised if your local Irish band sings some Phil Coulter songs as he does write some exceptional ballads, the other famous Irish song of Phil's being 'Steal Away'.

My Boy was recorded by Richard Harris shortly after he'd completed the compelling movie 'Man in the Wilderness', then in October 1971 he recorded My Boy. He spoke of failing marriage and a mans fervid, hopeless devotion to his son. My Boy entered in the radio-tele international Grand Prix at Luxembourg in late October and Harris sang it 'live' representing Britain.' My Boy' was on the label Probe SPBA 6263 and released in February 1972.This was one of Harris's best - realised popular Albums, a reasoned blend of catchy tunes like his self penned 'Al the Broken Children' and was by design a concept Album about a marriage and remains the nearest expression of autobiography that Harris has ever given his fans. As Elvis said this song has Beautiful words and became a #41 hit on the billboard pop singles chart in December 1971.In 1972 it was recorded by James Pegler , then Elvis on December the 13th 1973.Take 3 released as his chart selling single in 74/75.It should be noted that the ending was looped because Elvis simply said (when pressed by Felton for more takes ) "I told you to get the goddamm thing in 2 takes. I can't sing it no more".

Elvis jokingly introduced Richard Harris at the Las Vegas 4.8.72 O/S from the balcony along with Paul Anka and Sammy Davies jnr.Elvis thought a lot of 'wild man' and 'hell raiser' Richard Harris and already by 1968 was impressed enough to sing a few lines of 'Macarthur Park' at the end of his 29.6.68 8 pm show. During this show Elvis found the lyrics about baking a cake hilarious!. Soon after Harris's release of 'My Boy' Elvis would record from 27th-29th March 1972 7 songs surprisingly similar in theme as Richards 'My Boy' Album!. Later in 1978 Marvin Gaye recorded 'Hear my Dear' double Album of which all the royalties from sales would go to his first wife Anna as part of his divorce settlement. In 1972 Richard Harris's favourite singers were :- Frank Sinatra,Kris Kristofferson and Tom Jones. Harris wrote the notes and concept for 'My Boy' Album himself and sits on the cover solemnly looking at YOU.

If you were French, probably Canadian in Las Vegas for one of Elvis's Summer 1972 shows or again in 1973 say at the 8.8.73 M/S where the French fan club were introduced, or later at the 11.8.73 D/S where 'My Way',' My Boy' & 'What Now My Love' were ALL performed - then you were experiencing up to 12.5 % of the show with a TRULY French flavour- not to mention all the other times Spanish and Italian songs were performed by Elvis, a southern European flavour !. If your wearing a Pierre Cardin shirt, big spenders could be enjoying a meal of ;- Appetizer -fresh supreme of fruit Kirsch($1), a hearts of Romaine salad(Polk salad wasn't on the menu) Entrees of broiled New York Steak,Maittre d'hotel with Asparagus tips en butter

With of course Parisienne potatoes for ($15) Then for Desert maybe a fresh strawberry tart, chantilly only ($1) .Then why not wash it all down with Laurent Perrier, Brut a Château Neuf du pape for ($10) Food and Drinks costing ($42) + tipping the Maitre de - no change out of a crisp $50! Per person to live it up French style in Las Vegas with Elvis. No doubt a FAT head in the morning and plenty of cash needed to pay for it all. Why do you think Elvis quipped to the Maitre d' at the 5.2.73 D/S to someone in the front row, " they gave you good seats over here didn't they? If you tip the Maitre d' enough he'll hang you on a sling up on the stage up here" Because Elvis knew front row people paid to get their and so was condescending to them better entertaining his true fans in 74-77 'on the road'.

If you can find the L.P. Richard Harris ; My Boy scls 3062 on EMI stateside, then you may also enjoy other songs on the Album around 'My Boy'. On side 1 track 3 Proposal (Martin/Coulter) Track 5 This is our Child(Martin/Coulter) On side 2 track 3 Why do you leave me(Richard Harris/Bill Whealan) and track 5 My Boy (Martin/Coulter) .Despite the October 9th 1973 Divorce Elvis extremely rarely did comment and did say during his 2.9.74 Midnight Closing Show-they both cared enough to divorce as decently as two people can and afterwards still cared about each other to maintain a cordial relationship for the sake of their Daughter - which unfortunately like the song My Boy Elvis didn't stay around until Lisa fully grew up. Proof that what Elvis said at the 2.9.74 M/S is true is borne out by Lisa Marie's visits with Elvis over the years until his death(the dialogue from the 2.9.74 M/S can be heard on the recent 16 hour DVD release as well):

1970 August 31st-September 7th Pricilla and Lisa Marie with Elvis during his last week of his Las Vegas Season.
1971 1.2.71 Pricilla and Lisa Marie attend the Dinner Show for Lisa's 3rd birthday and here photo's of them together were taken that you often see in fan mags.
1972 On May 11th Elvis was in Hawaii with Pricilla and Lisa Marie, then from August 27th Pricilla and Lisa attended several performances during the last week of Elvis's run at the Hilton. Later on November 15th Lisa is at Elvis's Long Beach concert with Linda Thompson, then in latte December 1972 Lisa arrives at Graceland to spend a few days of her Christmas holidays with her Dad.
1973 Las Vegas 1.2.73 D/S Lisa attends this show.(lots of pictures with Lisa, Elvis + Pricilla taken in his suite then As well.)Anaheim Lisa in the audience with Linda Thompson 25.4.73 Lisa attends both the A/S and E/S performances in Fresno with Linda Thompson. In mid-July Lisa arrives at Graceland and spends part of her month long vacation their. Then in Las Vegas Lisa attends shows from 19th August until the end of the month. This partially explains why some songs receive altered words for Lisa(like his performance of 'The First Time ever I Saw Your Face' during the 31.8.73 D/S and versions of 'My Boy' are less often performed and where they are sung they are NOT overstated. Indeed whilst singing 'My Boy' at the 29.8.73 D/S it's a 'straight' version.
1974 Lisa Marie present during the last 3 days of the Summer 1974 Las Vegas stand and in the audience with Sheila Ryan and Pricilla at the closing Midnight Show on 2.9.74.
1975 On June 11th Elvis purchased a Delta airlines Corvair 880 Jet Plane which he promptly re-names the 'Lisa Marie' however later when he shows his daughter the plane she just yawns. Lisa spends the July 4th Weekend at Graceland with her Dad. On December 5th Lisa arrives for an extended stay with Elvis at the Hilton .Then on December 31st Lisa and Vernon are on hand for the Pontiac show. 1976 In mid-August Lisa comes out from Los Angeles for a visit with Elvis, then in mid September Elvis visited Palm Springs and Lisa often. On December 4th and 5th Lisa is around with Pricilla for the weekend to visit her Dad in Las Vegas. Lisa is then at Graceland just after Christmas and is shown off on stage at Elvis's Pittsburgh concert.
1977 On April 5th Lisa arrives with Pricilla for a rare visit to Graceland.Mid-July Lisa arrives at Graceland for a month long stay ending in Tragedy.

As you can see although Elvis would introduce 'My Boy' in 1973 saying:- "I'd like to do a song for you, this is not my song-it was done by Richard Harris I'm going to record it later, it has beautiful words called My Boy". Obviously Elvis MADE this song his OWN and although Richard Harris had toured all across America playing major venues like Chicago,Minneapolis,L.A.,Columbus,St.Louis and New Yorks plush Philharmonic hall singing 'My Boy' 'live' first in 1972, Elvis had improved upon the song as Elvis was the better singer and Richard the better actor. It was in 1975 that Elvis started regularly giving 2 repeats of the final chorus instead of the normal one repeat and also holding notes in songs for 'Dramatic' affect such as 'MY GOD' in 'How Great Thou Art' or 'PAIN' in 'Bridge over Troubled Water' , therefore in 'My Boy' Elvis held the words ALL and BECAUSE blending them into one to emphasise the point. This all lengthened the the running time of the song so that Elvis's 'live' 1975 versions are around 4 minutes in length. Elvis's Studio recording was 3'.22" at fade out and Richard Harris's original version shorter still at 3'.18" at repeat chorus fade out.

Everyone has some 'Boy' type qualities in them as they grow older, but maybe where as Richard Harris faced with continual ill health over the years Dramatically changed his lifestyle on 11th august 1981 - and in his own words became a 'dull' Man. Elvis was never 'Dull' but then he's dead!. Maybe Elvis couldn't change due to his much more insular goldfish bowl existence, but maybe? If he'd FULLY grown up he may have thought to himself that his lifestyle WAS crazy! And changed?. Elvis usually went along with Col. Parker - but in a few notable times he stood up as a Man and won his way standing for his beliefs such as in the June 68' 'comeback special', then at the January 1969 Memphis sessions. Unfortunately theirafteron the surface it seems Elvis usually complied with Col.Parker .After the September 1973 Vegas season finished he ranted and raved about separating from the Colonel, but in the end he slipped back under his management. Despite after Vegas 1976 Season Elvis saying he'd never go back their, he was already getting involved in Negotiations for filling a December 1977 Season-and future Decembers too!. Again despite adverse publicity on April 30th 1977 BOTH Col. Parker AND Joe Esposito denied rumors that Elvis's contract was up for sale. Therefore although Elvis was was very mature as a 'Man' in just so many ways he always was Col.Parkers 'Boy' and NOT allowed to grow up until 'Stay Away Joe' in the movies

If you enjoy 'rich' food such as Venison, Pheasant or Kangaroo then MY BOY is the kind of 'strong meat' you'll enjoy and more than ever in the society we live in today Elvis's 'hit' of the 70's is very much into and relevant to TODAY.

Reviewing BOTH Richard Harris's AND Elvis's versions I have observed the following:

Richard Harris's version is slightly shorter and the structure of the song is VERSE1/CHORUS/VERSE 2/CHORUS/VERSE 3/CHORUS/CHORUS REPEATED to the end of the song. Sometimes in 1973 Elvis repeated the Chorus twice but this was usually the case with the 1975 versions.

Richard Harris's Orchestration is similar to Elvis's in it's use of Brass,Piano,Strings and Oboe but different from Elvis's version Harris's features a wandering piano and the string sound more. Elvis's version 'undubbed' was recorded in the studio on December 13th 1973.Overdubs occurred with strings on 10th January 1974(violin & cellos) then the Trumpet,Saxaphone and Oboe on 15th January 1974.Per Erik' Pete' Hallin played piano on 'My Boy'. My Boy has been released as 'undubbed' on 'Our Memories of Elvis' in 1979.Performed 'live' in Las Vegas MY BOY received the Vegas Arrangement written all over it, but tastefully done. This mainly affected MY BOY with noticeable mellow piano lead in, the piano lead to each verse sounding like a 'ticking bomb'. An Oboe that tugged along with the violins at the heart strings and a Snazzy 'Vegas' Brass sound that punctuated the song like piercing knives to ones heart. Complete with Joe Gercio's Genius of the ending, that lovely moody 'pause' before the Adagio/Largo ending and that final sad chord HELD with just the right note for people to reach for their handkerchiefs- JUST BRILLIANT!. Just how many times could you almost hear a pin drop during the closing line pause as the ticking clock slows down to a halt in this song. Elvis 'My Boy' a song of distinction and Quality from Elvis.

There is very little footage available of Elvis actually singing this song 'live' maybe only from say 5? Shows in 1975.However it's interesting to note(from the March 75' shows at the beginning of the season) that Elvis is singing very well and tends to turn around to face the band(Ron Tutt) after the start of each verse, also for the ending Elvis signals by pointing his middle finger in his right hand DOWN to key in the slow ending notes. At this end part of the song you see Elvis in dim light head pointing downwards whilst standing straight in the middle of the stage. During his 18.8.75 O/S version it's a little more 'Dramatic' ending with both arms stretched out(like during Amen) to conduct the Orchestra to the slow ending, Elvis standing straight head bowed again. Also during this version before the start of each new verse you see Elvis look upwards, as if looking for help/inspiration this just adds further weight to the performance.

My Boy was possibly sung 'live' a total of around 80 times between 1973 and 1977 and whilst I can list 61 confirmed versions available to Audio Tape enthusiasts, however for 100% certain it WAS REHEARSED prior to the August 73' and March 75' Vegas openings- but I don't know how many times. Firstly here is a list of the 'other' highly likely dates where 'My Boy' was probably performed. 1.) 12.8.73 D/S
2.) 13.8.73 D/S
3.) 13.8.73 M/S
4.) 14.8.73 M/S
5.) 15.8.73 M/S
6.) 16.8.73 D/S
7.) 16.8.73 M/S
8.) 17.8.73 D/S
9.) 18.8.73 D/S
10.)19.3.75 D/S
11.)19.3.75 M/S
12.) 20.3.75 M/S
13.) 23.3.75 D/S
14.) 23.3.75 M/S
15.) 24.3.75 D/S
16.) 24.3.75 M/S
17.) Lakeland 27.4.75 A/S
18.) Lakeland 27.4.75 E/S?
19.) Jackson 5.5.75?


1.) 6.8.73 O/S Premier version sung before the intros after 'Fever' Elvis messes up the 2nd verse missing 'I know' and 3rd verse singing 'put you through' instead of 'Spoil your little dreams'. At the intros Elvis explained he couldn't see the words in the dim light and that he 'tries' to joke."Fire in Vegas CD" (1993)

2.) 7.8.73 M/S 2nd version - gets the words right in this straight version."Top act in Vegas Vol 6"CD (1995)

3.) 8.8.73 D/S a straight version but sings 'Done all I can do' in 2nd verse.

4.) 8.8.73 M/S sung after the intro of the French Fan Club. Elvis sings 'Given all I can give' in this great straight version. Repeating the chorus twice.

5.) 9.8.73 D/S Just properly starting to learn the words repeats chorus twice."The king will never Die" CD (1993)

6.) 9.8.73 M/S straight version, repeats chorus twice and 'Given all I can give'.

7.) 10.8.73 D/S 2nd verse messed up- 'Taken all I can take, Given all I can give'.

8.) 10.8.73 M/S Great version(recommended example of early 1973)

9.) 11.8.73 D/S straight version here.'Vegas showman" CD (1993)

10.) 11.8.73 M/S messed up 'Loved all I can give, taken all I can take' slightly here.

11.) 12.8.73 M/S Good version, still singing 'Given all I can give'."Crying time in Vegas" CD(1994)

12.) 14.8.73 D/S 'For your Mother and me Love has finally gone'-straight version.

13.) 14.8.73 M/S - this distributed show is a shortened version of the 10.8.73 M/S.

14.) 15.8.73 D/S straight version 'Given all I can give' chorus repeated twice.

15.) 18.8.73 M/S straight version.

16.) 19.8.73 D/S straight version.

17.) 20.8.73 M/S straight version part almost whispered through-similar to 25.8.73M/S version." Fort Baxter profile CD" Vol 1 disc 1 (1995)

18.) 25.8.73 M/S straight version which finds Elvis almost whispering through verse 2 and 3 with the words 'I Know' and 'Sleep on' as if talking to a child.'Who dressed me Tonight?" CD

19.) 28.8.73 D/S straight version

20.) 28.8.73 M/S My Boy Medley, funny version; MY Boy/What a Friend we have in Jesus/Release Me/My Boy (satisfactory take)"Take these chains from my Heart" CD(1992)

21.) 29.8.73 D/S Good straight version

22.) 29.8.73 M/S another good straight version.

23.) 31.8.73 D/S - straight version (as on the CDR 'getting down to business'.)

24.) 1.9.73 D/S Excellent straight version.

25.) 2.9.73 D/S The brilliant rich voiced lament as heard on the "Command Performance L.P." boot release with that lovely moody 'pause' and Adagio ending.

26.) 2.9.73 M/S Performed after the Hugh O' Brian, Vernon Presley and Charlie Hodge intros.Another very high quality straight version- can hear a pin drop at the end.

27.) 3.9.73 D/S - NOT Sung here- Elvis (after the intros)sings a couple of lines of 'Farther Along' before then doing 'Release Me' instead.

28.) 3.9.73 M/S 'Song done by Whatshisname' - straight version."Funny side of Elvis Presley"CD(1995)-complete show, and "For Animal Lovers Only"CD(1998) - incomplete but better sound release.

29.) 28.8.74 D/S 'rare' 1974 request, well sung but drumming is too loud by the band.

30.) 18.3.75 O/S straight version as 'My Boy' receives NO introduction in 1975."Top acts in Vegas vol 5" CD (1995)

31.)20.3.75 D/S (from Video)- straight version -stands head bowed for final chord.

32.) 21.3.75 D/S straight version.

33.) 21.3.75 M/S Elvis messes up the 3rd verse after a pause with 'sleep on'.(can see a little bit of this and laughter on the video footage)

34.) 22.3.75 D/S Great crown reaction to a slick/fast version-powerful ending.

35.) 22.3.75 M/S straight great version repeats last chorus twice." Fort Baxter a profile"vol 2 disc 4 CD(1996),(Also video footage)

36.) 25.3.75 D/S sung after Fairytale - straight version.

37.) 25.3.75 M/S straight version with a great bluesy ending."Top acts in Vegas vol 1" CD (1994)

38.) 26.3.75 D/S straight version, repeats chorus twice and Kathy's voice prominent.

39.) 26.3.75 M/S straight version, repeats chorus twice and Kathy's voice prominent.

40.) 27.3.75 D/S great straight version.

41.) 27.3.75 M/S Elvis laughs at the start of the 1st verse, twice repeated end.

42.) 28.3.75 D/S straight version

43.) 28.3.75 M/S straight version Kathy's vocal prominent again.

44.) 29.3.75 D/S A couple of false starts half way through breaking the mood.

45.) 29.3.75 M/S Another great version with Kathy's vocal prominent!.

46.) 30.3.75 D/S Unconfirmed cut from vinyl release?

47.) 30.3.75 M/S straight version repeats chorus twice, Adagio end singing ALL as one note as Elvis for affect in 1975 would hold words here.

48.) 31.3.75 D/S Elvis laughs at the start of verse 2 and stumbles over verse 1

49.) 1.4.75 D/S Excellent straight version(recommended) Elvis ends with 'oooh!'"Rockin with Elvis April Fools Day" CD (1992) The late April early May tour is the only one in 1975 to feature 'My Boy' 'Live'. Known 'live' April/May versions of 'My Boy':-

50.) Jacksonville 25.4.75 straight version"A Damm fine Show" CD (1995)

51.) Tampa 26.4.75 A/S straight version"The King Rocks Tampa" CD (1995)

52.) Tampa 26.4.75 E/S straight version and well received by the fans."Tonight in Tampa" CD

53.) Lakeland 28.4.75 straight version with a good slow ending."We'll make you Happy"-Savoy label CD (2002)

54.) Murfreesboro 29.4.75 straight version, Kathy vocal very prominent, a 3 chorus end.

55.) Atlanta 30.4.75 Best Atlanta version - straight and moving.

56.) Atlanta 2.5.75 Song doesn't come across so well in the huge Omni Coliseum." Live at the Omni" CD (1997)

57.) Monroe 3.5.75 A/S Powerful and consummate version, nice flute and 'sharp' horns! Despite a straight version the noisy audience finds this song too deep for them and a sombre end.

58.) Murfreesboro 6.5.75 Standout Version, This is the FIRST time I have ever been able to hear ALL the words so clearly on this superb FTD release and just as he'd already done in Vegas Elvis blends the last few words together singing 'Allllll' for effect and it's a tremendous version!.

After Murfreesboro 'My Boy' wasn't sung again until Las Vegas Summer 75' season.

59.) 18.8.75 O/S Dramatic 2 repeats of chorus ending.

60.) 19.8.75 D/S Funny version, 'I laughed, I've cried, I've lost my mind' and laughs through the last verse singing - 'I'll stay here and watch it snow' Arguably this is TRUE as Elvis gave very odd/strange behaviour in August and DID return again in December 75'."Loving You" CD (1992)

61.) 19.8.75 M/S Typical of this short season requested versions. Elvis sings 'This is no happy song' repeats the last chorus twice and emphasised ALL by singing it as one note held in last chorus."The Request Box Shows" CD (1990)

After cancelling in August (after the 20.8.75 M/S) Elvis returned in December 1975 with 'My Boy' until 4th December show which premiered this 'slot' change in his repertoire to the performance of 'Just Pretend'.

62.) 2.12.75 O/S straight good version, Orchestra sound not quite as good."Seasons Greetings from Elvis" CD (1995)

63.) 3.12.75 10pm straight version, pretty good final complete version chorus repeated twice and extends the word 'Because' through into 'All'.

Nothing as far as 'My Boy' is concerned until just a 'tease' 1 liner now, I almost thought Elvis might have sung it during his Lake Tahoe stand in 1976, but it seems Elvis never sang 'My Boy' in Lake Tahoe.

64.) Hollywood 12.2.77 1 line of 'Your sleeping Son I know' before the complete performance of 'My Way' at this show."Hot time in Miami" CD (1994)

For Elvis (who in 1976) discovered that his great,great,great Grandad on his Mothers side - William Mansell(1793-1842) was of French / Norman / Scottish-Irish descent , a west Tennessee Farmer was of Great Interest. I feel that early on Elvis kind of 'homed in' on the song 'My Boy' because of it's back ground, that great fusion of the French song given the Brilliant English words. Elvis could absorb and put out this song so very well. After watching the latest Joe Esposito 16 hour tapes "My Boy,My Boy" (as Elvis would say!) took on a whole 'new' meaning! Apparently that's what Elvis would say(in the movies) when he gained an erection! Haha! Therefore it comes as no surprise that Phil Coulter and Gilbert Beucard who penned so many great songs are National music heroes in their countries- Ireland and France. Debate still rages as to why? Elvis didn't stand up to the Colonel earlier on and reject the movie earlier. Why he didn't tour Canada again? Or Why his Manager continued to work Elvis whilst in poor health? For certain when it all got too much for Elvis he would 'Steal Away' to Graceland more and more in the late 70's.