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The best Elvis Tributes in the Vegas Strip

There will never be another performer like Elvis Presley and people love to see his kind of performance over and over again. The King was a total entertainer and people love to pay tribute to him by offering Elvis Tribute concerts. Coupled with high-energy performance from the cast, you have an Elvis Tribute that is even more enjoyable than expected.

Here are some of the best Elvis Tributes that Las Vegas has ever seen.

Viva Elvis by Cirque du Soleil

This is a showstopper from the start. It take on Elvis's most-loved songs, and gives them a unique Cirque du Soleil twist: their interpretations are the core of the act. Elvis's songs were rendered and performed in these one-of-a-kind versions. Adding this to the energetic and high-spirited performance, and you've got yourself a truly amazing performance.

The production is fresh with touches of background dancing that sets the mood to such Elvis Classic songs "Don't Be Cruel" and "Too Much".

The most exciting part is the segment of "One Night with You" where two acrobats showcase their skills while performing with the music of Elvis. However, it was made extra extravagant with Elvis' voice as part of the mix.

The tribute is divided into several segments. There is the segment that pays tribute to Elvis's love of gospel songs. Another segment pays tributes to Elvis' love for comic heroes and Cirque du Soleil brought down acrobats dressed as superheroes flying and defying gravity. The best segment is where Elvis's Military service is showcased and a female singer sings The King's "Love Me Tender". The act is so poignant that people can almost feel Elvis's love for his country.

The Big Elvis Show

Big Elvis has looks and a singing voice that can almost match those of Elvis himself. He is also a great performer. His Elvis shows include a wide selection of The King's classics, and many new casinos would do everything to host a Big Elvis Show. The people who went to see and listen to him singing and gyrating just like Elvis become instant Elvis fans. He does wonders to Elvis's gospel songs and just like Elvis, when he performs, he commands audience's attention and has them participate as part of the show, which makes his act enjoyable and exciting.

The King

Unlike most Elvis impersonators, Trent Carlini interprets Elvis in his unique way. The King Acts focused more on Elvis' Life and Work depicting how the man lived for his music and for his work. He showcases Elvis's character and his approach to his career and lets people see the "spirit" in his every performance. The King Show also features Trent Carlini's wife who interprets Elvis's screen sweethearts. The audience loves The King Show for its intimate audience approach and people won't mind paying for tickets for the show, as they know they will love Elvis more after each performance. The show is in a cabaret and Elvis fans that are used to seeing Elvis Tributes in casinos would love to see The King move to new casinos to couple the show with exciting casino playing.

The way to be closest to The King is to see Elvis tribute shows and to hear and learn more about his music and life, declaring that "Elvis is Alive".

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