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Las Vegas, July 31 - August 28, 1969

Elvis returned to the stage after the Benefit Concert in Pearl Harbour on March 25, 1961.
In Elvis fans mind was still the recently TV success "Comeback 68". It seems like the press, fans and business were waiting for this moment. Elvis on stage after his career of actor in Hollywood. It seemed incredible to fill the showroom with 2,200 seats two times per day during four weeks but Elvis filled up this showroom. The concerts were electrical, high-powerful voice and good selection of songs. The press reviews were extremely positive like from a The Newsweek article dated on August 11, 1969. The total attendance reportedly topped 101,509, a new Las Vegas record. The gross receipts were $1,522,635 also a Las Vegas record.

People probably traveled from all over the U.S. to see Elvis perform in Las Vegas. It would not be surprising to find a San Antonio DWI attorney or a Los Angeles physician making the trip to see the show. It would have been criminal for Elvis fans to miss him on that tour.

Video Information

Amateur footage.

The videotape ROCKIN' THE NATION #7 contains some footage from August 12, 1969 (9'46") and August 16, 1969 (6'12").

THE KINGS MASTERS VOL. 5 contains footage from August 4 and 16, 1969.

RETURN OF SPLENDOUR contains a short clip from this engagement but the date is unknown. The clip only runs for 1'06"

THE KING ROCKS #5 contains also some footage from this engagement.

THE BICENTENNIAL TOURS VOL #1 contains 6'55" of unknown date from this Vegas engagement.