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Newspaper Articles & Ads from 1972

On Tour, Apr. 5 - Apr. 19, 1972
  • April 5, 1972 (8:30 pm). Buffalo, NY.
    "Presley Magic Still Strong As Record 17,360 Turn Out" by Thomas Putnam

    "Elvis Still Wields That Old Magic; But Show, Not Music, Is The King" by Dale Anderson

  • April 6, 1972 (8:30 pm). Detroit, MI.

    "Elvis Is Back"

    "A Middle-aged Elvis wows new era of Bobby Soxers" by Bill Gray

    "Ah, That Elvis - He Never Changes" by John Weisman

  • April 8, 1972 (2:30 pm). Knoxville, TN.
    "Gyrations Now Look Rather Like Karate Moves" by Lois Thomas

  • April 12, 1972 Indianapolis, IN.
    "King Presley Gets Fans "All Shook Up" by Rita Vandeveer

    "Elvis Presley Takes Over His Audience" by John Carpenter

  • April 14 1972 (8:30 pm). Greensboro NC.
    "Elvis Is Sellout"
    Greesnboro Daily News (March 14, 1972) (Pre-Concert Article)

    "Security Steps Set For Elvis' Visit"
    Greesnboro Daily News (April 12, 1972) (Pre-Concert Article)

    "Elvis Here Tonight: Security Strict"
    Greesnboro Daily News (April 14, 1972) (Pre-Concert Article)

    "Audience Adores Presley'd Squirms, Shakes...Voice " by Jerry Kenion

  • April 15, 1972 Macon, GA.
    "Elvis Is Seen Only On Stage"

    "Elvis, Fans Soften Style" by Madeleine Hirsiger and Hoyt Canady

  • April 16 1972. Jacksonville FL.
    "Elvis Shakes 'Em Up Here Just Like Way Back When" by JoAnna Moore

  • April 17, 1972 Little Rock, AR.
    "Elvis Whips 10,000 Into Real Frenzy With a Lot More Than His Singing" by Billy Lewis

  • April 18, 1972 San Antonio, TX.
    "Record Crowd due For Elvis"

    "Elvis Presley Still Has Ability To Wow His Audiences" by Barry Brown

    "Elvis Is the Same - And At His Best" by Bill Graham

  • April 19, 1972 Albuquerque, NM.
    "Elvis Whips 10,000 Into Real Frenzy With a Lot More Than His Singing" by Billy Lewis

On Tour, Jun. 9 - Jun. 20, 1972
  • June 9, 1972 (8.30 pm) New York City, NY.
    "Presley Draws 2 Generations of Fans" by Grace Lichtenstein

    "Presley, Talents Richly Intact, Shifts Emphasis to Rock/Gospel" by Don Heckman

    "ELVIS INVADES NEW YORK - A Mr. Presley Puts It On at the Garden" by Patricia O'Haire

    "Presley keeps 'em screaming" by AP

  • June 13 1972 (8:30 pm). Evansville IN.
    "Reitz Graduate In The Orchestra Backing Up Presley Performance" by Cynthia Kirk

  • June 14 1972 (8:30 pm). Milwaukee WI.
    Milwaukee Journal (June 15, 1972) (Photo Article)

    "Drums, Lights, Shrieks - Elvis!" by Joel McNally

    "He's A Little Older But Still Old Elvis" by Stuart Wilk

  • June 18 1972 (8:30 pm). Fort Worth, TX.
    "Yea, yea, They Still Scream For Elvis" by Jack Gordon

On Tour, Nov. 8 - Nov. 18, 1972
  • November 8 1972 (8:30 pm). Lubbock TX.
    "Elvis Show Set Here Tonight"

    "'King Elvis' Captures Audience With Favorites"

  • November 9 1972 (8:30 pm). Tucson AZ.
    "Elvis Dazzles Crowd At TCC Arena" by Wood Simpson

    "Elvis A Parody of His '50s Self" by Betty Beard

    "Elvis Still The King - Despite Dull 'Helpers'" by Hardy Price

  • November 10 1972 (8:30 pm). El Paso TX.
    "A Subtle Elvis Wows 'Em" by Barbara Funkhouser

  • November 11, 1972 (8:30 pm) Oakland, CA.
    "Elvis Presley: The Way It Is" by John L. Wasserman

  • November 12, 1972 (5:00 pm). San Bernardino, CA.
    "It's Just Elvis Presley Next Door" by Robert Hilburn