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Newspaper Articles & Ads from 1974

On Tour, Mar. 1 - Mar. 20, 1974

March 1 1974 (8:30 pm). Tulsa OK.

"Elvis Show Has One DrawBack - It's Just Not Long Enough" by David C. MacKenzie
Tulsa Daily World (March 2, 1974) (Concert Review)

"Showcase" by Bill Donaldson
Tulsa Tribune (Concert Review)

March 3 1974 (2:00 pm). Houston TX.

"Elvis' Change In Image makes An Original Into Ordinary" by Jeff Millar
Houston Chronicle (March 4, 1974) (Concert Review)

March 4, 1974 Monroe, LA.

"Two Additional Presley Concerts Alated At Cente"
Monroe News-Star (January 16, 1974) (Newspaper Article)

"Presley Tickets Are Being Mailed"
Monroe News-Star (February 7, 1974) (Newspaper Article)

"Elvis Presley Due In City Later Today"
Monroe News-Star (March 4, 1974) (Newspaper Article)

"Presley Scores In First Concert Here" by J. C. Casey
Monroe News-Star (March 5, 1974) (Concert Review)

March 4,7-8 1974 Monroe, LA.

"Concert Mixed Up Here"
Monroe News-Star (March 8, 1974) (Newspaper Article)

"Elvis Thrills Capacity Crowd"
Monroe Morning World (March 9, 1974) (Concert Review)

March 5 1974 (8:30 pm). Auburn AL.

"Flashbulbs Explode And Elvis Sings" by Owen Davis
Auburn Bulletin (March 1974) (Concert Review)

March 6 1974 (8:30 pm). Montgomery AL.

"Red, White and Blue Elvis" by Wanda McClusky
Montgomery Independent (March 1974) (Concert Review)

March 9 1974. Charlotte NC.

"Presley Packs 'Em In 'Because He's Elvis'" by Henry Eichel and Michael Schwartz
Charlotte Observer (March 10, 1974) (Concert Review)

March 10 1974 (8:30 pm). Roanoke VA.

"10000 Fans Pack Center to See Elvis" by Margie Fisher & Pat Matheny
Roanoke World-News (March 1974) (Concert Review)

March 11 1974. Hampton Roads, VA.

"Local Fans Scream Loyalty To Elvis" by Linda Cooley
The Times Herald (March 12, 1974) (Concert Review)

March 13 1974. Greensboro, NC.

"There Had Been Rumors All Day About Elvis..." by Jerry Kenion
Greensboro Daily News (March 14, 1974) (Pre-Concert Article)

"Elvis' Fans roar Approval" by Jerry Kenion
Greensboro Daily News (March 14, 1974) (Concert Review)

March 14 1974 (8:30 pm). Murfreesboro TN.

"Elvis Performs; Crowd Pleased" by Mike West
Murfreesboro Daily News (March 1974) (Concert Review)

March 16, 1974 Memphis, TN.

"24,600 Fans Respond To Gyrating Elvis" by Lewis Nolan & Michael Clark
The Commercial Appeal (March 17, 1974) (Concert Review)

March 17, 1974 (2:30 pm) Memphis, TN.

"How The King Has Retained His Throne" by Mary Ann Lee
Memphis Press-Scimitar (March 18, 1974) (Post-Concert Article)

March 17, 1974 (8:30 pm) Memphis, TN.

"Hucksters, 49,200 Elvisites Whoop It Up" by Jim Willis
Memphis Press-Scimitar (March 18, 1974) (Concert Review)

"He Came, They Saw, He Conquered Anew" by Jane Sanderson
Memphis Press-Scimitar (March 18, 1974) (Concert Review)

March 18, 1974. Richmond, VA.

Holler ... Scream ... Have a Fit by Bernie Ghiselin
The Richmond News Leader (March 19, 1974) (Concert Review)

"Music" by Barbara Green
The Richmond Times (March 19, 1974) (Concert Review)

March 20, 1974 (8:30 pm) Memphis, TN.

"Elvis' Finale Taped For Release in June" by James Kingsley
The Commercial Appeal (March 21, 1974) (Concert Review)

On Tour May 10 - May 13, 1974

May 10 1974 (8:30 pm). San Bernardino CA.

"Elvis Sings, The Women Scream" by Steve Cooper
The Sun Telegram (May 11, 1974) (Concert Review)

May 11, 1974 (8:30 pm). Los Angeles, CA.

"Elvis At 39 - A Time for Reassessment" by Robert Hilburn
Los Angeles Times (May 14, 1974) (Concert Review)

"Elvis - A Little Bit Of Everything" by Robert Kemnitz
Herald Examiner (May 12, 1974) (Concert Review)

May 12, 1974 (8:30 PM) Fresno, CA.

"Still the King"
The Fresno Bee (May 10, 1974) (Pre-Concert Article)

"On The Aisle: Elvis Presley" by David Hale
The Fresno Bee (May 13, 1974) (Concert Review)

On Tour Jun. 15 - Jul. 2, 1974

June 15 1974 (3:00 pm). Fort Worth TX.

"Elvis-Crazed Fans Stream In To View The "King" of Rock" by Terry Kliewer
Dallas News (June 1974) (Concert Review)

"His Majesty Elvis Draws Adoration In FW" by Cheryl Coggins
Fort Worth Press (June 1974)(Concert Review)

June 17 1974 (8:30 pm). Baton Rouge LA.

"Elvis Presley Delights Capacity House at LSU Center Last Night" by Vernon Alston
The State-Times (June 18, 1974) (Concert Review)

June 19 1974 (8:30 pm). Amarillo TX.

"Elvis Has Amarillo Crowd All Shook Up" by Lois Reed
Amarillo Globe-News (June 1974) (Concert Review)

June 20 1974 (8:30 pm). Des Moines IA.

"Elvis' D.M Performance: 'A Piece Of Las Vegas'" by Dan Piffer
Des Moines Register (June 21, 1974) (Concert Review)

"Presley 'Woos' Midwesterners" by Paula N. Quick
Waterloo Courier (June 21, 1974) (Concert Review)

June 21 1974 (8:30 pm). Cleveland OH.

"Soulful Elvis Signs For One Show Here" by William Hickey
The Plain Dealer (April 26, 1974) (Pre-Concert Article)

"Elvis Packs Hall, Pockets" by Frank Hruby
Cleveland Press (June 1974) (Concert Review)

June 22 1974 (3:00 pm). Providence RI.

"Elvis Shakes, Crowd Screams" by Linda Herskowitz
Providence Journal Bulletin (June 23, 1974) (Concert Review)

June 23, 1974 Philadelphia, PA.

"He Could Not Last, Could Not, He Could, He Does, He Will" by Jack Lloyd
Philadelphia Inquirer (June 23, 1974) (Pre-Concert Article)

"Wellllll, Well, Well, Elvis Shakes It Up" by Jack Lloyd
Philadelphia Inquirer (June 24, 1974) (Concert Review)

"Elvis Returns - Riding On His Laurels" by Jonathan Takiff
Philadelphia Daily News (June 24, 1974) (Concert Review)

"Elvis Proves He's Still A Great Performer" by Matt Damsker
The Evening Bulletin (June 24, 1974) (Concert Review)

"Elvis: No Encores For Him" by Ron Williams
Evening Journal (Wilmington, DE) (June 24, 1974) (Concert Review)

June 24 1974 (3:00 pm). Niagara Falls NY.

"Elvis' Super '50s Star Still Bright" by Bob Kostoff
Buffalo Courier-Express (June 1974) (Concert Review)

June 25 1974 (8:00 pm). Columbus OH.

"Presley Left 'Em Happy. Buy-Minded" by Jack Willey
Columbus Dispatch (June 26, 1974) (Concert Review)

June 26 1974 (8:30 pm). Louisville KY.

"They Can't Stop Lovin' Elvis: He Still Gets Them All Shook Up" by Gene Williams
Louisville Kentucky Times (June 1974) (Concert Review)

"Elvis!. The Presley appeal outlasts the years" by Billy Reed
The Courier Journal (June 27, 1974) (Concert Review)

June 27 1974 (8:30 pm). Bloomington IN.

"Elvis Rekindles That Old "Magic" at IU Concert" by Ric Manning
Bloomington Herald-Times (June 1974) (Concert Review)

June 28, 1974 (8:30 pm). Milwaukee, WI.

"Elvis To Be Here June 28"
Milwaukee Journal (June 25, 1974) (Pre-Concert Article)

"20 Years Later, Elvis Still A Superstar" by Gerald Kloss
Milwaukee Journal (June 28, 1974) (Pre-Concert Article)

"Presley Music Thrills Sellout Crowd At Arena" by Stuart Wilk
Milwaukee Sentinel (June 29, 1974) (Concert Review)

June 29 1974. Kansas City MO.

"Scalpers Bullish On Elvis" by Kathleen Patterson
Kansas City Times (June 28, 1974) (Concert Article Part 1) (Part 2)

"Elvis Fans Not Watching His Blue Suede Shoes" by Lynn Cheatum
The Kansas City Star (June 30, 1974) (Concert Review)

June 30, 1974 (3:00 pm) Omaha, NE.

"Elvis Leaves'em Thrilled, Satisfied. 10,000 Adore "Spangled God" by Doug Smith
Omaha World Herald (July 1, 1974) (Concert Review)

"Elvis Wows Omaha" by Kathy Moore
Lincoln Nebraska Journal (July 1, 1974) (Concert Review)

On Tour Sept. 27 - Oct. 9, 1974

September 27, 1974 College Park, MD.

"Elvis, A Memory Thrust Forward" by Judy Bachrach
The Washington Post (September 28, 1974) (Concert Review)

"Elvis Predictable" by Larry Rohter
The Washington Post (September 28, 1974) (Concert Review)

September 29, 1974 Detroit, MI.

"17,000 Fans All Shook Up By Elvis" by Lawrence DeVine
Detroit Free Press (September 30, 1974) (Concert Review)

September 30, 1974 South Bend, IN.

"Elvis Still Sings 'From Gut'" by Bill Borden
The South Bend Tribune (October 1, 1974) (Concert Review)

October 2, 1974 (8:30 pm) St. Paul , MN.

"Elvis Still Makes 'Em Scream" by Mike Sweeney
St Paul Pioneer Press (October 3, 1974) (Concert Review)

October 4, 1974 (8:30 pm). Detroit, MI.

"17,000 fans idolize Elvis at Olympia" by Bill Gray
Detroit News (October 5, 1974) (Concert Review)

October 5, 1974 (2:30 pm). Indianapolis, IN.

"Fever Pitch And Then King Elvis" by Tom Healy
The Indianapolis News (October 7, 1974) (Concert Review)

"Was That Really Elvis Presley at The Expo Center?" by Rita Rose
The Indianapolis Star (October 7, 1974) (Concert Review)

October 7 1974 (8:30 pm). Wichita KS.

"Presley Admirers Love Him True" by Bob Heaton
Wichita Eagle (October 1974) (Concert Review)

October 8, 1974. San Antonio, TX.

"Elvis Presley Shows 'Em He Can Still Gyrate" by Jan Jarboe
(October 9, 1974) (Concert Review)

October 9, 1974 (8:30 pm) Abilene, TX.

"Elvis Show 'Scalping' Reported"
Abilene Reporter News (October 2, 1974) (Pre-Concert Article)

"Stay Seated At Concert Presley Audience Asked"
Abilene Reporter News (October 8, 1974) (Pre-Concert Article)

"Showtime Nearing For Elvis Sell-out" by Jim Conley
Abilene Reporter News (October 9, 1974) (Pre-Concert Article)

"Elvis Brings Down House" by Jim Conley
Abilene Reporter News (October 10, 1974) (Concert Review)

"Elvis: A Vision In The Flesh" by Jim Conley
Abilene Reporter News (October 10, 1974) (Concert Review)

"Elvis Crowd New Coliseum Record"
Abilene Reporter News (October 10, 1974) (Post-Concert Article)