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Newspaper Articles & Ads from 1975

March 18 - April 1, 1975. Las Vegas, NV.

March 18 - April 1, 1975. Las Vegas, NV.

"After 20 years Presley still tops"
Reno Evening Gazzette (April 8, 1975) (Article)

"Living Up To The Hilton" by Bob Considine
The Times Bulletin (April 12, 1975) (Article)

On Tour, Apr. 24 - May 7, 1975

April 24, 1975 (8:30 pm) Macon, GA.

"Begins Tour Here"
Macon News (April 24, 1975) (Pre-concert Article)

"Presley Slips Into Town, Nearly Slips In Kitchen"
Macon Telegram (April 24, 1975) (Pre-concert Article)

"Everybody Loves Elvis? Apparently So"
Macon News (April 25, 1975) (Concert Review)

"Fans Screamed, Cheered Concert"
Macon News (April 25, 1975) (Concert Review)

"Elvis Legendary Performer Packs Macon Coliseum" by Randall Savage and Michael Langberg
The Macon Telegraph (April 25, 1975) (Concert Review)

"Presley's Penthouse Has uninvited Guest" by Richard Harris
The Macon Telegraph (April 25, 1975) (Post-concert Article)

April 26 1975. Tampa FL.

"Hefty And Hot, Elvis Still Carries Weight with Fans" by Victor Livingston
St. Petersburg Times (April 28, 1975) (Concert Review)

April 27, 1975. Lakeland, FL.

"Presley Coming To Lakeland" by Jeff Kline
Lakeland Ledger (January 20, 1975) (Pre-concert Article)

"Flocking To Buy Elvis Tickets"
Lakeland Ledger (January 22, 1975) (Pre-concert Article)

"Elvis: The King is Here; The Crowds Await" by Jim DeGennaro
Lakeland Ledgr (April 27, 1975) (Pre-concert Article)

"The King Is Here" by Jeff Kline
Lakeland Ledger (April 28, 1975) (Afternoon Concert Review)

"Maybe Health Slowed Presley's Performance Here" by Jeff Kline
Lakeland Ledger (April 28, 1975) (Afternoon Concert Review)

"Fans Know: Elvis is still Elvis" by Dean Johnson
Sentinel Star (April 29, 1975) (Concert Review)

April 28, 1975. Lakeland, FL.

"Civic Center Plans 2nd Elvis Show" by Jeff Kline
Lakeland Ledger (January 23, 1975) (Pre-Concert Article Part 1) (Part 2)

"Elvis Ticket Sales Show Some Drop" by Jeff Kline
Lakeland Ledger (January 27, 1975) (Pre-Concert Article)

"Final Elvis Performance Was More Alive, Exciting" by Jeff Kline
Lakeland Ledger (April 29, 1975) (Concert Review)

April 29 1975 (8:30 pm). Murfreesboro TN.

"Chubbier Elvis Still Sports Pelvis That Crowd Adores" by Bill Hance
Nashville Banner (April, 1975) (Concert Review)

April 30, 1975 Atlanta, GA.

"Shriek! It's King Elvis" by Scott Cain
The Atlanta Journal (May 1, 1975) (Concert Review)

"Looking for - and Finding - King Elvis" by Art Harris
The Atlanta Constitution (May 1, 1975) (Concert Review)

May 3, 1975 (2:30 PM) Monroe, LA.

"Presley Concerts Here Sold Out"
Monroe News Star (February 5, 1975) (Newspaper Article)

"Elvis Presley Conquers Again " by J. C. Casey
Monroe Morning World (May 4, 1975) (Concert Review)

May 4, 1975 Lake Charles, LA.

"Older Elvis Woos Crowds with Hugs, Kisses, Songs" by Ann Gilbert
Lake Charles American Press (Concert Review)

May 5, 1975 Jackson, MS.

"Elvis Nets $108,860 For Victims Of Tornado"
Delta Democrat-Times (May 6, 1975) (Concert Review)

"Elvis Packs 'Em In" by Ron Harrist
Jackson Daily News (May 6, 1975) (Concert Review)

On Tour, May 30 - June 10, 1975

May - June, 1975. Huntsville, AL.

"Streamlined Elvis still has That Old Magic" by Dianna Sheram
National Tattler (Concert Review)

June 2, 1975. Mobile, AL.

"Elvis "The King" Gives 'Em What They Want" by Gordon Tatum Jr.
Mobile Register (Concert Review)

"Presley Packs Them In Twice For Shows Here" by Royce Harrison
Mobile Register (Concert Review)

"Biggest Day At City Auditorium" by Natalie Crozier
Mobile Press (Concert Review)

June 3, 1975. (8:30 pm) Tuscaloosa, AL.

"Over 15,000 turn out to see "king" perform " by Kim Price
The Tuscaloosa News (Concert Review)

June 4 1975 (8:30 pm). Houston TX.

"Music: Elvis Presley" by Bob Claypool
The Houston Post (Concert Review)

June 6 1975 (8:30 pm). Dallas TX.

"Believers Still Rate Elvis King" by Don Harris
The Dallas Morning News (Concert Review)

June 7 1975 (8:30 pm). Shreveport LA.

"Presley Packs Coliseum" by Lane Crockett
Shreveport Journal (Concert Review)

June 10, 1975 Memphis, TN.

"Elvis Clowns, Brings Thrills To Full House." by Joseph Weiler
The Commercial Appeal (June 11, 1975) (Concert Review)

"He Rocks 'n' Puffs Along While Fans Love Elvis Tenderly" by Henry Bailey
Memphis Press-Scimitar (June 11, 1975) (Concert Review)

On Tour Jul. 8 - Jul. 24, 1975

July 8 1975 (8:30 pm). Oklahoma City OK.

"Elvis Pleases Fans" by Gary Jack Willis
Oklahoma Journal (July, 1975) (Concert Review)

July 10, 1975. Cleveland, OH.

"Elvis Overwhelms 22,000 in the Coliseum" by Bruno Burnino
Cleveland Press (July 11, 1975) (Concert Review)

"40-year-old Elvis Chubbier, Still Rock 'n' Roll Star" by Jane Scott
The Plain Dealer (July 11, 1975) (Concert Review)

July 11, 1975. Charleston, WV.

"Rock Around The Cash Register" by Richard Haas
Charleston Daily Mail (July 9, 1975) (Pre-concert Article)

"Extra Police Assigned For Elvis Shows"
Charleston Daily Mail (July 10, 1975) (Pre-concert Article)

"Elvis Presley Fans Await Idol, Hope For Glimpse At Airport" by Charles Kessler
Charleston Daily Mail (July 11, 1975) (Pre-concert Article Part 1) (Part 2)

"Elvis Cultists Are Ecstatic Rockin' With Their Leader" by Robert Kelly
Charleston Daily Mail (July 12, 1975) (Concert Review)

"Flash! Elvis Did It" by James I. Carnes
Charleston Gazette (July 12, 1975) (Concert Review)

"Presley Visit, Lots of Work, Lots of Money" by James I. Carnes
Charleston Gazette (July 14, 1975) (Post-Concert Article)

July 12, 1975 (8:30 pm). Charleston, WV.

"Presley Show Heavily Loaded With Standards" by James I. Carnes
Charleston Gazette (July 13, 1975) (Concert Review)

July 13 1975 (8:30 pm). Niagara Falls NY.

"Legend of Elvis Lost Excitement" by Wilder Penfield III
The Toronto Sun (Concert Review)

July 14 1975 (8:30 pm). Springfield MA.

"King Does His Thing: Elvis Shakes 'Em with the Oldies" by Sam Hoffman
Springfield Daily News (Concert Review)

July 16, 1975. New Haven, CT.

"He's Still "The King"
New Haven Register (July 17, 1975) (Concert Review)

"Fans Wild Over Elvis In Show At Coliseum" by Dick Conrad
New Haven Courier Journal (July 17, 1975) (Concert Review)

July 18 1975 (8:30 pm). Richfield OH.

"Elvis Electrifies Fans in Encore Concert Stint" by Mike Clary
Akron Beacon Journal (Concert Review)

July 19, 1975 (2:30 pm) Uniondale, NY.

"Presley Treats Fans To His Best" by John Rockwell
New York Times (July 21, 1975) (Concert Review)

July 20 1975 (8:30 pm). Norfolk VA.

"Elderly Elvis' Swivel Still Stuns" by Mary Dissen
Norfolk Ledger-Star (Concert Review)

July 21, 1975 (8.30 pm) Greensboro, NC.

"Would-Be Scalpers Lose On Elvis Tickets" by Jerry Kenion
Greensboro Daily News (July 22, 1975) (Concert Review)

July 22 1975 (8:30 pm). Asheville NC.

"Elvis Still Wows 'Em" by Billy Pritchard
Asheville Citizen-News (Concert Review)

August 18-20, 1975 Las Vegas, NV.

August 18-20, 1975 Las Vegas, NV.

"Presley Cancels Vegas Job To Enter Hospital"
The Daily Courier (August 22, 1975) (Article)

"Ailling Elvis Cancels Vegas Engagements"
Nevada State Journal (August 22, 1975) (Article)

December 31, 1975. Pontiac, MI

December 31, 1975. Pontiac, MI.

"Elvis still shakes 'em up" by Mike Maza
Detroit News (Janury 1, 1976) (Concert Review)

"Adoring Fans Gush Over King Elvis" by Peter C. Gavrilovich
Detroit Free Press (Janury 1, 1976) (Concert Review)