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Newspaper Articles & Ads from 1977

On Tour, Feb. 12 - Feb. 21, 1977

February 12, 1977 (8:30 pm) Hollywood. FL.

"The Pelvis Shakes 'Em"
Unknown newspaper (Concert Review)

"Elvis Croons - 14,700 Get All Shook Up" by Carl Hiaasen and Al Messerschmidt
The Miami Herald (February 13, 1977) (Concert Review)

"Elvis the Pelvis Still Smiling Despite a Few Major Problems" by Jon Marlowe
The Miami News (February 13, 1977) (Concert Review)

"Elvis Presley Is Still The King" by Ruth Koch
Sun-Tattler (February 14, 1977) (Concert Review)

February 13 1977 (8:30 pm). West Palm Beach FL.

"Trumpets Herald Arrival of 'King'" by Bud Newman
The Palm Beach Post (February 14, 1977) (Concert Review)

February 14, 1977 (8:30 pm). St. Petersburg, FL.

Evening Independent (February 15, 1977) (Photo Article)

"Presley Packs 'Em In" by Bob Ross
St. Petersburg Times (February 15, 1977) (Concert Review)

"Elvis: He Keeps on Giving" by Marilyn Brown
Evening Independent (February 15, 1977) (Concert Review)

February 15, 1977 (8:30 pm). Orlando, FL.

"Presley's Hotel Heartbreak For Orlando Fans" by Barbara Webb
Sentinel Star (February 16, 1977) (Concert Review)

"Elvis! Got Orlando All Shook Up" by Larry Bucking, Bill Dunn, Mark Hanebutt and Barbara Webb
Sentinel Star (February 16, 1977) (Concert Review)

February 16, 1977 (8:30 pm). Montgomery, AL.

"Presley Still Compelling" by Wanda McClusky
Montgomery Advertiser (February 17, 1977) (Concert Review)

February 17, 1977 (8:30 pm). Savannah, GA.

"Contact The King? Forget It! by Gary Mikell"
Savannah Evening Press (February 17, 1977) (Pre-Concert Article)

"Guard Set For 'the King'"
Savannah Morning News (February 17, 1977) (Pre-Concert Article)

"Emperor Elvis Still Has It: Memphis Music. Vegas Touch" by Kathy Trocheck and Albert Oetgen
Savannah Morning News (February 17, 1977) (Concert Review)

"Elvis Wows 'Em"
Savannah Evening Press (February 18, 1977) (Concert Review)

February 18, 1977 Columbia, SC.

"The King Of Rock 'N' Roll Performs in Columbia Tonight"
The State (February 18, 1977) (Pre-Concert Article)

"Not At Airport - Mystery Veils Elvis' Arrival" By Frank Zupan
Columbia Record (February 18, 1977) (Pre-Concert Article)

"Elvis: Many Things Wrapped Into One" by William W. Starr
The State (February 19, 1977) (Concert Review)

"Elvis Continues To Generate Professionalism" by Pat Berman
Columbia Record (February 19, 1977) (Concert Review)

"Bodyguard Says Elvis 'Gentleman'" By Frank Zupan
Columbia Record (February 21, 1977) (Post-Concert Article)

February 19, 1977. (8.30 pm) Johnson City, TN.

"7000 people attend Elvis Presley show"
Johnson City Press-Chronicle (February 20, 1977) (Concert Review)

February 20, 1977 Charlotte, NC.

"Elvis Gets Past The Fooling, Proves Why He Still Reigns" by Faye Gaillard
Charlotte Observer (February 21, 1977) (Concert Review)

"Elvis Shows He's Still The King" by Steve Snow
The Charlotte News (February 21, 1977) (Concert Review)

On Tour, Mar. 23 - Mar. 30, 1977

March 23 1977 (8:30 pm). Tempe AZ.

"Elvis Offers No Surprises" by Hardy Price
The Arizona Republican (March 24, 1977) (Concert Review)

"Elvis Brings Pelvis to ASU" by by Barbara Yost
The Phoenix Gazette (March 24, 1977) (Concert Review)

March 24, 1977. (8:30 pm) Amarillo, TX.

"Elvis: Fat, 42, But Still a King" by Beverly McCarley
Amarillo Globe-Times (March 25, 1977) (Concert Review)

March 25 1977 (8:30 pm). Norman OK.

"Elvis 'The King' Presley Delights Audience in Lloyd Noble Arena" by Pat Upton
The Daily Oklahoman (March 26, 1977) (Concert Review)

March 27 1977 (8:30 pm). Abilene TX.

"Elvis To Return Here For March 27 Concert" by Robert Williams
Abilene Reporter-News (March 1, 1977) (Pre-Concert Article)

"Tickets Still Available For Elvis's Sunday Concert"
Abilene Reporter-News (March 22, 1977) (Pre-Concert Article)

"Coliseum Crowd "All Shook Up" Over Elvis" by Jim Conley
Abilene Reporter-News (March 28, 1977) (Pre-Concert Article)

March 28 1977 (8:30 pm). Austin TX.

"The King Still Reigns" by Paul Beutel
Austin American-Statesman (March 29, 1977) (Concert Review)

March 29 1977 (8:30 pm). Alexandria LA.

"Elvis Concert Termed 'Entertaining'" by Elizabeth Roberts
Alexandria Town Talk (March 30, 1977) (Concert Review)

On Tour, Apr. 21 - May 3, 1977

April 21 1977 (8:30 pm). Greensboro NC.

"Elvis Spins Magic Web with Scarf" by Jerry Kenion
Greensboro Daily News (April 22 1977) (Concert Review)

"Elvis: Still the Real Thing" by Betty Beam
Greensboro Record (April 22 1977) (Concert Review)

April 22, 1977 (8:30 pm). Detroit, MI.

"Still a Heavy: Elvis Proves He's Bigger Than Ever" by Lawrence Devine
The Detroit Free Press (April 24 1977) (Concert Review)

April 23 1977 (8:30 pm). Toledo OH.

"Elvis Presley To Appear At Centennial Hall In April"
Toledo Blade (March 16 1977) (Pre-Concert Article)

"Elvis Presley Appears in Three Roles: As Symbol, Balladeer, And in Parody of His Past Performances" by Greg Oatis
Toledo Blade (April 25 1977) (Concert Review)

April 24, 1977. Ann Arbor, MI.

"The King Still Stuns 'Em" by Jim Kane
The Ann Arbor News (April 25 1977) (Concert Review)

"They're All Shook Up!" by Jim Kane
The Ann Arbor News (April 25 1977) (Concert Review)

April 25, 1977. Saginaw, MI.

"Elvis Heats Up Saginaw Crowd" by Anthony Rocha
Saginaw News (April 26 1977) (Concert Review)

April 26, 1977. Kalamazoo, MI.

"They Still Love Elvis, The Portly" by James Shamp
Kalamazoo Gazette (April 27 1977) (Concert Review)

April 27, 1977 (8:30 pm). Milwaukee, WI.

"Crown Slips Badly On Rock King Elvis" by Damien Jaques
The Milwaukee Journal (April 28 1977) (Concert Review)

"Elvis Still Tender To Hounding Fans" by Ron Legro
The Milwaukee Sentinel (April 28 1977) (Concert Review)

April 28 1977 (8:30 pm). Green Bay, WI.

"And How Was Elvis? 'Fantastic'" by Warren Gerds
Green Bay Press-Gazette (April 29 1977) (Concert Review)

"The King in Green Bay: Catching a Falling Star" by Ellen Tufts
Green Bay News-Chroniclee (April 29 1977) (Concert Review)

April 29 1977 (8:30 pm). Duluth, MN.

"Ol' Swivel Hips Still Wovs'Em" by James Heffernan
Duluth News-Tribune (April 30 1977) (Concert Review)

April 30 1977 (8:30 pm). St Paul, MN.

"Nasal Drip Cut Short the Hips" by Charley Hallman
St. Paul Pioneer Press (May 2 1977) (Concert Review)

May 1, 1977 (8:30 pm). Chicago, IL.

"Elvis Weaves That Old Wiggle Magic" by Martha Groves
Chicago Daily News (May 2 1977) (Concert Review)

"Snatches Of Old Songs, A Few New Ones - That's Elvis" by Lynn Van Matre
Chicago Tribune (May 2 1977) (Concert Review)

May 3 1977 (8:30 pm). Saginaw, MI.

"Elvis Returns to Saginaw...And Second Appearance Is an Improvement" by Anthony A. Rocha
Saginaw News (May 4 1977) (Concert Review)

On Tour, May 20 - Jun. 2, 1977

May 21 1977 (8:30 pm). Louisville, KY.

"Elvis Rerun... 19000 Fans Don't Seem to Mind" by Billy Reed
Louisville Courier-Journal (May 22, 1977) (Concert Review)

May 22 1977 (8:30 pm). Largo, MD.

"Elvis: To Catch a Flying Scarf" by William Gildea
Washington Post (May 23, 1977) (Concert Review)

"Just One Little Quiver: Elvis Needs No More" by John McKelway
Washington Star (May 23, 1977) (Concert Review)

May 23, 1977. Providence, RI.

"Elvis Puts on a show at the Civic Center" by Tony Lioce
Journal Bulletin (May 24, 1977) (Concert Review)

May 24, 1977. Augusta, ME.

"Portland Fans Waited For Elvis"
Kennebec Journal (May 25, 1977) (Pre-Concert Article)

"They Screamed For Elvis" by Paul Betit
Kennebec Journal (May 25, 1977) (Concert Review)

May 25, 1977. Rochester, NY.

"A Virtual Sellout Greets Elvis As the King Returns To Town" by Jack Garner
Rochester Democrat & Chronicle (May 26, 1977) (Concert Review)

"Elvis Sings Low And Lazy - Without Half-Trying" by David Stearns
Rochester Times-Union (May 26, 1977) (Concert Review)

May 26, 1977. Binghamton, NY.

"Elvis Keeps His Arrival Plans Secret" by Jeff Share
The Sun Bulletin (May 25, 1977) (Pre-Concert Article)

"Elvis Eludes Fans In Midnight Arrival" by Jeff Share
The Sun Bulletin (May 25, 1977) (Pre-Concert Article)

"Star Sleeps As Fans Fawn" by Andy Smith
The Evening Press (May 26, 1977) (Pre-Concert Article)

"Binghamton Man Served With Presley in Germany" by Gene Grey
The Evening Press (May 26, 1977) (Pre-Concert Article)

"Presley Thrills Crowd At Arena" by Jeff Share
The Sun Bulletin (May 27, 1977) (Concert Review)

"Presley Makes A Spectacle Of Himself" by Gene Grey
The Evening Press (May 27, 1977) (Concert Review)

"'Big E' Leaves His Fans 'Paunchy' " by Andy Smith
The Evening Press (May 27, 1977) (Concert Review)

May 28, 1977. Philadelphia, PA.

"Dolphins Perform Better Than Paunchy Elvis" by Matt Damsker
Philadelphia Evening Bulletin (May 29, 1977) (Concert Review)

"Elvis Still Upstages His Legend" by Lyford M. Moore
The Philadelphia Courier (Concert Review)

May 29, 1977. Baltimore, MD.

"Presley Has The Old Magic Still" by Earl Arnett
Baltimore Sun (May 30, 1977) (Concert Review)

May 30, 1977. Jacksonville, FL.

"ELVIS! Sequins, Gold Chain and That Style" by Steve Crosby
The Florida Times Union (May 31, 1977) (Concert Review)

May 31, 1977. Baton Rouge, LA.

"Elvis Concert: Rite of Spring But No Longer Musical Event" by Smiley Anders
Baton-Rouge Morning Advocate (June 1, 1977) (Concert Review)

June 1, 1977. Macon, GA.

"The King is Dead ..." by Randall Savage "...Long Live The King" by Jane Oppy
The Macon News (June 2, 1977) (Concert Review)

Coliseum Workers Take Pick Of Presley Tickets
The Macon News (June 2, 1977) (Post-Concert Article)

On Tour, Jun. 17 - Jun. 26, 1977

June 17, 1977 (8:30 pm). Springfield, MO.

"Elvis Fans May Set Hammons Record"
Springfield News-Leader (June 16, 1977) (Pre-Concert Article)

"Elvis Doesn't Need That IT anymore" by Bill Tatum
Springfield News-Leader (June 19, 1977) (Concert Review)

June 18 1977 (8:30 pm). Kansas City MO.

"Music in Mid-America" by Shifra Stein
Kansas City Times (June 20, 1977) (Concert Review)

June 19 1977 (8:30 pm). Omaha NE.

"Elvis Has Mellowed But He's Still King" by Steve Millburg
Omaha World-Herald (June 20, 1977) (Concert Review)

June 20 1977 (8:30 pm). Lincoln NE.

"For Devoted Fans, 'It's Now Or Never' Was How They Felt" by Deb Gray
Lincoln Star (June 21, 1977) (Concert Review)

June 21, 1977 (8:30 pm). Rapid City, SD.

"There's No Doubt About It - Elvis Iis Still 'King'" by Jeri Gulbransen
Rapid City Journal (June 22, 1977) (Concert Review)

June 22 1977 (8:30 pm). Sioux Falls SD.

"Sioux Falls Gets Ready For Elvis Presley Show"
Sioux Falls Argus-Leader (June 22, 1977) (Pre-Concert Article)

"A New Generation Flocks To See Presley" by Hugh O'Gara
Sioux Falls Argus-Leader (June 23, 1977) (Concert Review)

June 23, 1977 (8:30 pm). Des Moines, IA.

"You Ain't Nothin' But A Scalper (Up To $115)" by Barbara Brooker
The Des Moines Register (June 17, 1977) (Pre-Concert Article)

"D.M. Fans Shierk, Swoon As Elvis Croons His Tunes" by Jim Healey
The Des Moines Register (June 24, 1977) (Concert Review)

June 24 1977 (8:30 pm). Madison WI.

"Paunchy Presley Still Dazzles Fans" by Randy Lenz
Wisconsin State Journal (June 25, 1977) (Concert Review)

"Elvis Does It Again! The King Takes Madison by Storm" by Dave Wagner
Capital Times (June 25, 1977) (Concert Review)

"Elvis Wasn't The Same" by Randy Lenz
Wisconsin State Journal (June 28, 1977) (Concert Review)

June 25, 1977. Cincinnati, OH.

"Exhausted Elvis Disappointing In Concert" by Ken Williams
Journal News (June 26, 1977) (Concert Review)

"Elvis' Rich Voice Caged by His Old Image" by Brad Balfour
The Cincinnati Post (June 26, 1977) (Concert Review)

"Presley "Rite" Attracts 17140 Fans to Riverfront Coliseum" by Cliff Radel
The Cincinnati Enquirer (June 26, 1977) (Concert Review)

June 26, 1977 (8.30 pm) Indianapolis, IN.

"Elvis Performs In True Presley Style Before 18,000" by Rita Rose
Indianapolis Star (June 27, 1977) (Concert Review)

"Hubbies Find Ally In Elvis Presley" by Zach Dunkin
Indianapolis News (June 27, 1977) (Post-Concert Article)

"Elvis Concert Like a Sideshow" by Zach Dunkin
Indianapolis News (June 27, 1977) (Post-Concert Article)